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Card Uses

Your free Creighton University ID card is your passport to on-campus services and facilities.

  • Meal Card. Simply hand your card to the University Dining Services worker when entering the dining location or when taking advantage of the Meal Exchange program. They will swipe the card, taking a meal off your plan.
  • Fitness Center ID. The Fitness Center also uses the magnetic stripe and ISO# to access student records and to make sure that the student have a membership with them. If you are a full-time student, you automatically have a membership with the Fitness Center.
  • Building Security Pass. Your Creighton University ID gives you access into residence halls, buildings and some parking areas on campus. The magnetic strip and iCLASS chip are used to access records to confirm privileges.
  • Library Card. Whether you need to check out a book or your want to use Lexis/Nexis, your ID card is the easy way to access library services. The libraries use the ISO#.
  • Jaybuck$ Card. Jaybuck$ is a stored value account, giving students the flexibility to pay for purchases with their ID card. You can use your ID card at any number of vendors on and off campus.
  • US Bank ATM card. Faculty, staff and students may associate their Creighton ID card with their US Bank checking account. Withdraw cash or make deposits to your checking account on or off-campus with your Creighton ID card.