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ID Card Care

Students do not receive a new ID each year. The ID cards we issue are expected to the duration of your affiliation with Creighton.

Here are some tips to keep your card in top condition:

  • Never store your ID card in the direct sunlight or expose it to excessive heat.
  • Keep your card protected. Don't let it get scratched, chipped or cracked. Leather rubbing the card directly can dull the finish, making the text, image and magnetic strip difficult to read. We recommend carrying your card in a plastic sleeve or keychain cardholder. Vinyl bookstore/US Bank cardholders are available from Card Services at no charge.
  • Do NOT bend, fold or punch holes in your ID card. Doing so voids the warranty, and you will be assessed a damaged card fee.
  • Keep your card away from electromagnetic fields such as microwaves, televisions, telephones and stereos.
  • Oil from your fingers can build up on the card. We suggest cleaning the card once a semester with an alcohol wipe.