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Secondary Education

Secondary Education 4+1 Accelerated Bachelor's to Masters

A student can major in any area that we can certify a teacher in grades 7-12. The student needs to have enough of the right classes in the following areas that we certify: Art, English Language, Arts, History, Math, Religious Education, Science, Social Sciences, Spanish. Max Engel PhD, will guide students to make sure the requisite courses are taken in those areas for secondary certification.

  • For the AMP, students can apply by emailing Max Engel, PhD 
  • AMP Courses: EDU 170 is a Pre or Co--requisite for EDU 595
  • EDU 595: spring/fall, junior or senior year
  • EDU/PSY 510: spring senior year
  • EDU 525: spring senior year (Online)

Field Endorsements

Field endorsements are offered in:

Subject Endorsements

Subject endorsements are offered in: 

The undergraduate program in secondary school teaching enables you to obtain a teaching certificate to teach in public, Catholic, or other private schools.