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Financial Planning Association

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Financial Planning Association at Creighton

If you’re interested in a future career in financial planning, become a student member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Nebraska.

Through the Creighton chapter you’ll have opportunities to meet and network with financial planning professionals and to explore financial planning careers.

When you join this local chapter of the national FPA, you’ll be eligible for FPA scholarships and have access to internships with top financial firms—as early as your sophomore year. You can attend business panels, get to know other student members, evaluate your own financial health while in college, and participate in competitions.

You can also participate in the national FPA’s online discussion area for students. And you’ll receive subscriptions to FPA’s award-winning Journal of Financial Planning, Money magazine, including the digital edition, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Join FPA

If you want to refine your professional skills, bolster your resume, and prepare yourself for future financial planning internship and career opportunities, complete the online application to join the FPA of Nebraska. You must be a financial planning major to join.


Email faculty advisor Edward Horwitz, instructor of financial planning and insurance, or call him at 402.280.2476.