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Creighton Law Dean’s Fellows Program

The Creighton Law Dean’s Fellows Program is designed for outstanding law school candidates and is based in the Jesuit Ignatian value of women and men for and with others.

This selective program is for top students who will work closely with the dean of the law school and members of the dean’s leadership team, building connections with faculty, staff, alumni and students. They will work to develop leadership skills in the classroom, on campus and in the community.

Dean’s Fellows are passionate, engaged and seek to promote justice in our community and throughout the world.

Benefits of the Program

Fellows chosen for this exclusive program who are in good standing will have the following benefits: 

  • Access to unique and personalized leadership opportunities inside and outside the law school 
  • Leadership seminars throughout each academic year 
  • The opportunity to build relationships with other Creighton students through serving as a mentor 
  • Eligible for a $1,000 in-house foreign-study stipend or a $250 research and professional development grant 
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How to Apply

The highly competitive Dean’s Fellows Program is available to incoming law students who have strong academic credentials and are able to demonstrate their commitment to serving others in their education, community and/or career goals.  

Interested students must apply to the program. You can apply by checking the box on our law school application under the “Term” section. Select applicants will be requested to submit a 250-word essay on servant leadership and offered an interview for the program. Interviews will be conducted between January and March 1.  If you are selected to become a Dean’s Fellow, you must accept the offer by April 1. 

Once selected, members of the Law Dean’s Fellows Program must adhere to all policies to remain in good standing with the program. These policies include remaining in good academic standing, attending program-related meetings and events, and serving as an ambassador to prospective law students. 

Applicants are permitted to apply to both the Creighton Scholars Program and the Dean’s Fellows Program but will only be admitted into one program. 

The priority deadline to apply to the Dean’s Fellows Program is February 15.

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