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Infectious Diseases Faculty

Meet Our Chief: Dr. Renuga Vivekanandan

Dr. Renuga Vivekanandan


Why Creighton?

I joined Creighton faculty because of its culture and accessibility to great mentors who are not only great leaders but are very supportive and caring.  During my fellowship here, I had the privilege of working alongside ID faculty who helped to guide me in my career.  Creighton also offers an exceptional learning environment for students, residents, fellows, and faculty alike.  I look forward to and enjoy coming to work each day as I am able to live out the mission of CU and treat the mind, body, and spirit in a great patient population. 

Why Infectious Diseases?

In the division of Infectious Diseases, I am able to ‘play detective’ every day. I enjoy the immediate gratification of finding a therapy that works for my patients and seeing them get well- this instant gratification can be rare in other specialties.