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Parking Rules and Regulations

Campus Parking Rules and Regulations

Below you can find Campus Parking Rules and Regulations on subjects like Permits, Parking, Electric Vehicle Stalls, Appeals, and Other Considerations. These rules and regulations are also available as a downloadable PDF:


  1. Any vehicle on University property must have a decal or temporary hangtag issued by Parking Services or is subject to citation. Displaying a permit allows you to leave a vehicle in a parking stall, as space is available, but does not guarantee the availability of a stall.
  2. If you sell your vehicle, keep your decal. If you forget, you must park on city streets or purchase a day pass at Parking Services. If you lose your decal, you will need to purchase a new permit at the price applicable on the date of purchase. If your vehicle and/or decal is stolen or totaled, bring a police report to Parking Services to get a new decal.
  3. Parking permits and hang tags are issued to eligible people for specific reasons. The person who purchased the permit is responsible for all citations issued to that permit, regardless of which vehicle displayed the permit.
  4. No individual or department may grant parking privileges on University property or issue permits without the consent and written approval of the Parking Services administration. Handwritten or typed notes placed on a vehicle will not be honored.
  5. Counterfeiting, altering, or the possession and use of a lost, stolen, or voided permit will subject the individual to a citation and/or other University disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or expulsion.
  6. Any outstanding citations must be paid before a new parking permit is issued to the applicant.
  7. All parking permits must be properly and visibly displayed in accordance with the instructions on the back of the permit or hangtag. The University uses a repositionable decal, which must be affixed to the interior of the front windshield on the passenger side in the lower corner. The entire decal must be clearly visible from the outside—not positioned behind tinting or obscured by snow/ice. The responsibility for the proper display of a parking permit lies with the holder of that permit. Failure to properly display any parking permit will subject the holder to a citation.
  8. Information provided to obtain a parking permit or authorization must be correct and current. If information, such as the license plate number or contact number, changes, it must be updated in JayPark immediately.
  9. A permit will be honored only in the parking areas for which it is designated. Entrance signs posted at all University parking facilities clearly indicate the permit(s) required for parking in that area.
  10. Permits and hang tags must be returned to the Parking Services office to cancel parking. No refunds will be issued, nor will payroll deductions stop, unless permits are physically returned. No refunds will be issued for student decals returned after Jan. 20 each year. Credit or refunds are not issued for short-term absences such as days off or vacations. The Parking Services office must receive prenotification of any extended absence, such as maternity leave or sabbatical, to provide parking fee adjustments.


  1. Employees, students, and guests parking on campus may not block fire lanes, fire hydrants, gate arms, or service/garage doors, or park on grass or landscaping.
  2. Do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in any of the following areas at any time:
    • Stalls reserved for the President / Vice Presidents, Provost / Vice Provosts, Deans, Jesuits Loading Docs, or Visitors
    • East Lane by the Harper Center is a Drop off and pick up area only (vehicle must be attended at all times)
  3. Do not park in handicapped stalls without a state-issued handicapped permit or license plate. A vehicle with state-issued handicapped permit or license plate must also display a current University permit to park in a designated handicapped stall on University property.
  4. Points to remember:
    • Employees and students may never park in visitor parking stalls.
    • Motorcycles parked near bicycle racks do not require a permit; however, motorcycles that take up a parking stall must display a current and valid parking permit.
    • University ID cards and parking permits are required for all garages.
    • Unauthorized parking in handicapped stalls, fire lanes, and specifically-designated stalls (e.g., VP/Dean, Facilities Vehicles, etc.) is enforced at all times, year-round.
  5. Parking is permitted only within painted spaces which are clearly marked. Any vehicle occupying more than one space, extending beyond the marked space, or parking outside of a designated space is deemed in violation and subject to a citation.
  6. Barriers and gate arms are present in some university parking locations to restrict unauthorized access. An open gate arm is not an invitation for unauthorized parking. If a barrier mechanism is not operating properly, report it immediately to the Parking Services Office or Public Safety. Unauthorized removal or damage of a barrier will result in the issuance of a citation, disciplinary action and restitution.
  7. Access to University loading docks is only for authorized personnel.
  8. Special events, facility maintenance, and construction may temporarily affect parking assignments. Furthermore, drivers arriving on campus during peak parking hours may occasionally have trouble finding a parking space in preferred locations. If there is not an available space in your preferred parking location, drivers will need to park in the next available area for the permit issued.
  9. Drivers who accrue five or more violations in an academic year will be classified as nuisance violators. They will be notified that all fees and fines must be paid within 2 weeks to avoid being added to the tow list. After 2 weeks, if any fees remain unpaid, nuisance violators will be placed on the tow list and will remain on the list until all outstanding fees and fines are paid. Partial payments will not remove a nuisance violator from the tow list. All citations, including any new citations received, must be paid in full prior to removal from tow list.
  10. Vehicles parked on campus while on the tow list will be towed at the owner’s expense without notice. If the owner/driver of the vehicle arrives at the vehicle after a tow truck has been dispatched (before the truck has arrived), the towing company may charge a dispatch fee.
  11. The second time an individual is placed on the tow list will result in a referral for potential disciplinary action. The owner/driver will be banned from parking on campus for 6 months.
  12. Individuals who stop payment on checks, write non-sufficient funds checks, or dispute credit card charges related to fees or fines without cause, will automatically be deemed as nuisance violators and will be banned from parking on campus for 6 months.

Electric Vehicle Stalls

  1. EV stalls are for use by EV vehicles only, and those vehicles must be charging when using an EV space. Non-EV vehicles may not park in these stalls and are subject to citations.
  2. EV drivers should not leave notes on non-EV vehicles parked in EV spaces. Notify Parking Services at 402-280-5225.
  3. EV charging spaces should only be used when necessary, allowing other EV drivers use of the charging stations.
  4. After charging, vehicles must be removed from the EV charging space: Maximum of 4 hours. Vehicles remaining in the stall after the vehicle is done charging will be subject to citations.
  5. Please be safe when charging an EV. Properly manage the charging cord to prevent mishaps.


  1. Parking citations may only be appealed using the JayPark Parking Portal. Appeals must be received within 7 days of the date the citation was issued. In-person, over the phone, and emailed appeals will not be accepted. The appeal must present substantial evidence that the parking violation was not committed, or the occurrence was due to circumstances beyond the appellant’s control. The appeal process is not a venue for general criticisms, complaints or policy debates. All appeal decisions are final. The following reasons for appeal will not be considered:
    • Frivolous or abusive appeals, including the use of profanity
    • Late to class or appointment
    • Inability to pay the amount of the fine
    • Lack of available parking
    • Other vehicles were parked improperly or illegally
    • The vehicle was only parked illegally for a short period of time
    • Public Safety did not previously ticket for similar offenses
    • Appellant purchased a parking permit, but did not display it in the vehicle
    • Appellant did not purchase a parking permit

Other Considerations

  1. All University malls are pedestrian zones; vehicular traffic on malls is restricted.
  2. Creighton University is not responsible or liable for any damages to and/or theft of any vehicle, its equipment, or contents, while the vehicle is parked on University-owned property.
  3. Leaving any child unattended in a vehicle in a University lot is strictly prohibited. The Omaha Police Department will be called for violations.
  4. Leaving any animals unattended in a vehicle in a University lot is strictly prohibited. The Nebraska Humane Society and will be called for violations.