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Traffic and Parking Updates

August 1, 2023

New Parking Year

The new parking year begins on Aug. 1. Familiarize yourself with the updated lot designations, as shown on our Omaha Campus Map.

It is not too late to purchase your 2023-24 permit. Last year’s permits remain valid until Aug. 31. After your permit purchase, you can print a temporary permit to use until your repositionable decal arrives in the mail. To print your temporary permit, follow the directions below.

Where is My Permit?

Decals are mailed directly from the manufacturer. USPS is taking longer than anticipated for some. Continue to use your temporary permit until your decal arrives in the mail. If you did not print your temporary permit or lost it, follow the instructions below to provide proof of your permit purchase.

1. Select the “Permits” drop down and click “View Your Permits.”

permit drop down


2. Select your permit number.

permit number

3. Click the “Print Permit” button at the bottom of the page to print the PDF. Display this temporary permit on your dashboard, even if past the expiration date, until you receive your repositionable decal through the mail.

print permit


4. If there is no “Print Permit” button, print the “Your Permit Details” page. Display this printout on your dashboard until you receive your permanent decal through the mail. If you still have not received your decal by Aug. 31, please email to request a new permit.