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Creighton First

Resources and support for first-generation students

Creighton defines a first-generation student as a student whose parents or guardians did not obtain a four-year degree from a college or university.

Creighton First programs provide guidance for life as a college student and a close community of peers for support as you navigate the college world. 

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First-Generation Resources 

Offices around Creighton’s campus are available to support you throughout your college experience. Whether you’re seeking from academics to involvement to managing finances, check out the resources below.

Academic Resources

  • Student Success is a one-stop-shop for academic coaching, tutoring, career advice, and pre-professional advising. 
  • The Dean’s Office of your college is a great place to seek out additional academic resources. Don’t be afraid to approach faculty with any questions you may have. 
    (Arts & Sciences | Business | Nursing)

Engagement Resources

  • The Creighton Comprehensive Student Record (CCSR) is a co-curricular transcript that depicts a student’s holistic experience at Creighton. While academic transcripts tell the student’s academic story, the CCSR will provide additional information about a student’s entire experience and skills obtained while at Creighton
  • The Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) houses the Creighton Student’s Union, 250+ clubs and organizations, fraternity and sorority life, new student orientation, and more.
  • The Creighton Intercultural Center supports students through advocacy, leadership development, academic support, activities and mentorship.
  • The Department of Residential Life provides engaging activities, new connections, and opportunities for personal growth. Connect with your RD or RA to learn about what’s happening in your hall.

Financial Resources

  • The Student Employment Office connects students to employment opportunities on campus. Visit to learn more about where you can find a job.
  • The Office of Financial Aid coordinates aid opportunities for all of Creighton’s four undergraduate and five graduate/professional schools/colleges.
  • The US Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid resources explain the various types of aid and give tips for repaying your loans. Here, you can create an account to track your borrowing.
  • The FAFSA is how you qualify for federal financial aid, so be sure to fill it out each year. Examples of federal aid include Pell Grants, Federal Direct and Federal Indirect Loans, and Federal Work-Study.

Wellness Resources

    First-Generation Faculty and Staff Spotlight

    Creighton has a number of incredible faculty and staff on campus who are available to support your transition. To learn more about which Creighton faculty or staff are first-generation, check out the list below.

    Anthony Calcagno

    Resident Director
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Psychology and Communications

    Audel Salazar

    Instructional Designer​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: History and Asian Studies

    Becky Nickerson

    Director, Creighton Intercultural Center
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Social Work

    Bianca Jinete Mejía

    Institutional & Research Decision Specialist​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: International Relations, Research Design & Analysis

    Binaya Joshi

    Application Administrator, Division of Student Life
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Computer Science and Mathematics

    Carol Lomneth

    Professor/Chair, Department of Medical Education​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Biology

    Cedora Barnett

    Assistant Director for Retention and Identity Development​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Native American Studies and History

    Desiree Nownes

    Senior Director, Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Criminal Justice and Sociology

    Don Lux

    Assistant Professor of Practice​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Accounting and MIS

    Janique Hayes

    Administrative Coordinator, Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion and Division of Mission & Ministry
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Community Health Education

    Jennifer Peter

    Director, Student Counseling Services
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Psychology

    Jim Zboja

    Associate Professor of Marketing
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Marketing/Business Administration, Psychology

    Joel Destino

    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Chemistry and History

    Krystal Rice

    Director, TRIO Student Support Services​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Journalism and Mass Communication

    Linda Dunn

    Assistant Director for Pre-Health Advising​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: English

    Lucas Novotny

    Senior Director, Housing & Auxiliary Services
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Business Administration

    Mary Ann Tietjen

    Associate Director for Student and Family Support
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Spanish, Journalism (Graduate: Education)

    Mary Chase

    Vice Provost for Enrollment​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Business Administration

    Megan Mankerian-Stem

    Director of International Enrollment​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Marketing and International Development, South Asian Studies

    Nicolae Roddy

    Professor of Hebrew Bible, Old Testament
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Religious Studies

    Sabrina Danielsen

    Assistant Professor in Sociology​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Sociology and Anthropology

    Stephanie Matthews

    Research Supervisor, Pharmacology Department​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Psychology and Zoology, African Studies

    Tim Bastian

    Economics Instructor​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Computer Science and Quantitative Business Analysis

    Tracy Neal Leavelle

    Director, Kingfisher Institute for Liberal Arts and Professions​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Anthropology and Native American Studies

    Zachary Smith

    Associate Professor of Theology​
    Undergraduate Field of Study: Philosophy

    TRiO SSS

    TRiO Student Support Services supports first-generation and income-eligible Creighton students with academic, financial, graduate school, career, and personal coaching to ensure students maintain good academic standing and graduate on-time.

    First-Gen Forward

    The Center for First-Generation Student Success, an initiative of NASPA and The Suder Foundation, recently announced the inclusion of Creighton.