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Academic Success

Dedicated to the welfare and success of Creighton residents, fellows, and faculty, we offer personalized consultation and support in achieving high levels of performance in all areas.  

When thriving in the intellectual domain, you can focus on academic priorities, experience satisfaction from work, and efficiently learn and retain new information. Academic Success Sessions are offered to individual, small, and large groups.  

Review the information provided below to discover ways of improving your academic success by utilizing learning resources and taking ownership of your future personal and career goals.

Academic Resources & Tools

Time management icon

Time Management

An essential skill, especially for physicians. Improvement in this arena may lead to increased productivity, decreased stress, and improved wellbeing overall.
Effective study plans

Effective Study Plans

Academic support services for those experiencing academic challenges or seeking to improve performance, by creating a more meaningful, effective action plan.
Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies

We are all lifelong learners, but successful students are those who take charge of their own learning. Strategies can be developed and put into everyday practice.
Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques

Residents have an important role as both learner and teacher. Timely teaching techniques are imperative for successful training of all health professionals on a team.
Resume and CV Writing

Resume & CV Writing

It’s critical to provide future employers with a well-organized overview of background and achievements relevant to a medical career. We can help you create or edit these important documents.