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Mindset Curriculum

Business Education Transformed

At the Heider College of Business, we prepare students for the world outside the classroom, and today’s graduates need to be problem-solvers and change-makers. The Mindset Curriculum helps us work toward those abstract ideals in tangible ways. The six mindsets serve as guideposts as we develop and enhance courses. They’re also measurement marks for students as they prepare to hit the ground running at graduation.

Developing the Heider Mindset Curriculum

Developing the Heider Mindset
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The Heider Mindsets

After conversations with numerous industry leaders, we compiled the top characteristics businesses now expect from recent graduates entering the workforce. In addition to academic disciplines such as accounting or finance, employers want agile, adaptive professionals who are intentional, analytical and collaborative, and who understand that business can be done ethically and for the good of others.

After identifying the common themes, six distinctive mindsets emerged.

Analytical Mindset

The Analytical Mindset encourages critical thinking skills, risk analysis and the ability to sort through and visualize data in a way that will enhance your ability to make decisions in any industry or role.

Our Measurement Dashboard

Students will track their completion of coursework and extracurricular activities that fulfill the requirements of each mindset via an online dashboard called the Heider Mindset Achievement Portfolio (H-MAP). The H-Map gives students an up-to-date view of where they are and what they need. To hold ourselves accountable, we’ll also use the H-Map data to measure participation and outcomes.


The Kingfisher Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) majors are required to complete the Kingfisher Concentration—a minimum of three courses in an area of concentration in the College of Arts and Sciences. These courses should support growth in one of the Heider Mindsets and complement your business studies. For instance, a marketing major might pursue a graphic design Kingfisher Concentration. The concentration will help graduates become more well-rounded and adaptable. 

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