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Business Symposium

The Nation's Largest Student-Run Business Conference

The Creighton Business Symposium 

Since 2004, the Creighton Business Symposium has brought together the Creighton community and global business executives to discuss current issues in today’s dynamic business environment.

The conference features keynote addresses, panel discussions and breakout sessions for you to network with inspiring business leaders and to lay the foundation for future internships and full-time career opportunities as a part of the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program.

Students are in charge of fundraising upwards of $50,000 a year, obtaining corporate sponsorships and choosing the theme of the symposium. Students also help recruit panel participants and keynote speakers.

2021 Creighton Business Symposium

October 22, 2021 at the CHI Health Center



7:45 - 8:15 a.m.Sponsor Set-up
8:15 - 9 a.m.Registration & Coffee Hour
9 - 9:15 a.m.Opening Welcome
9:15 - 9:45 a.m.Morning Keynote Speaker
Julian Young
Co-Founder at Julian Young Business Advisors
9:45 - 10 a.m.Networking Session 1
10 - 10:45 a.m.

Breakout 1: Panel Topics

  • Sports Analytics: Money Ball
  • Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias
  • Diversity in Business: Equality, Privilege and Opportunity
  • Finance vs. Accounting
  • Business Solutions to Climate Change: Carbon Credits
10:45 - 11a.m.Networking Session 2
11 - 11:45 a.m.

Breakout 2: Panel Topics

  • Commercial Real Estate: Million Dollar Listing
  • Accounting: Not Just Debits and Credits
  • Networking Workshop
  • Your Degree Doesn’t Define You
  • Management Consulting
11:45 a.m. - 12 p.m.Networking Session 3
12 - 12:45 p.m.

Breakout 3: Panel Topics

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Crypto-logical
  • Sales: Deal or No Deal
  • Social Media: The Social Swivel
  • Investing for Students: Don’t Be a Robin Hood
  • The Bridge Between Healthcare and Business
12:45 - 1 p.m.Luncheon Welcome & Blessing
1 - 1:45 p.m.Afternoon Keynote Speaker
Kevin O’Malley
CEO at Corporate Travel Management
1:45 - 2 p.m.Closing Remarks

Julian Young

Co-Founder at Julian Young Business Advisors
Julian Young LinkedIn Profile








Kevin O’Malley

CEO at Corporate Travel Management

Breakout 1: Panel Topics

Sports Analytics: Money Ball

  • Inspired by a student organization, the analysis of sports is the perfect career for a student who loves working with data and focuses on their favorite sports teams more than their schoolwork. Explore the career paths available for you from current sports analytics professionals and understand what it means to analyze sports.

Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias

  • What is algorithmic bias? Learn about how systematic and repeatable errors in a system can create unfair outcomes or bias.

Diversity in Business: Equality, Privilege and Opportunity

  • Workplace environment is important for business and inclusivity has become a top business priority for many organizations. How is the diversity influence shifting in the business world? Find out from current professionals forging that path.

Finance vs. Accounting

  • Finance vs Accounting aims to explore both the differences and overlap between the two fields in order to provide students with insight. This panel is helpful for students discerning which major is right for them between the two.

Business Solutions to Climate Change: Carbon Credits

  • Global climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. See how economic ideas and good business can combine in rural America to drive real progress towards a carbon neutral world.

Breakout 2: Panel Topics

Commercial Real Estate: Million Dollar Listing

  • Have you ever been interested in making the big bucks in real estate? These professionals will open your eyes to the world of real estate and how you can develop your million dollar listing portfolio.

Accounting: Not Just Debits and Credits

  • There is a lot more available in the accounting career path than meets the eye. Engage with professionals to understand how they’ve developed in the accounting industry outside of just debits and credits. You will hear how the career of accounting surprised them because it was nothing like what they experienced in school.

Your Degree Doesn’t Define You

  • Majoring in one specific area does not confine you to only that industry. These professionals have continued to forge new paths for themselves in different industries, and some of them have nothing to do with their college degree! Gain insight into what your future career could look like!

Management Consulting

  • John Paul Engel has prepared an insightful workshop to better explore the growing industry of management consulting. If you are looking to learn about a rising career or learn from a successful consultant, this is the panel for you!

Breakout 3: Panel Topics

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Crypto-logical

  • Digital currency can make me a profit? Understand how the advancement of cryptocurrency is shaping online transactions and what this means for the volatility of the current market.

Sales: Deal or No Deal

  • The invigorating sales process is brought to life by these professionals ranging from app development sales to entrepreneurial sales. Understand how sales is an exciting career path that can open many different doors.

Social Media: The Social Swivel

  • Outside of your personal likes and followers, how has social media pivoted the business world? These professionals have learned from the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing social media in a business.

Investing for Students: Don’t Be a Robin Hood

  • Jumping into the world of investing can be intimidating, but these professionals are here to help! They will teach you to focus on your investment goals to make informed decisions and not just jump to the popular platform of Robin Hood.

The Bridge Between Healthcare and Business

  • In a country picking up the pieces from a global pandemic and experiencing an overwhelming demand for healthcare services, the need for leaders in healthcare is greater than ever. In particular, the healthcare industry needs innovative business leaders who will find solutions that align the incentives of medical providers to their patients–reducing the overall burden of medical treatment but not sacrificing the integrity of care. This panel features a variety of business and healthcare professionals who will introduce managerial and administrative issues in healthcare, their insights on healthcare organization strategies, and their unique experiences with the industry.

Networking Workshop

  • Is networking a challenge for you? Engage with other students and faculty in a hands-on workshop environment to improve your networking skills. Carry these newly learned skills out to engage with our sponsors!

Our team is excited to announce that the Business Symposium will be returning as an in-person event on October 20th AND 22nd! The Business Symposium has been an annual tradition in the Heider College of Business since 2004. The event is designed to give students opportunities to learn more about future careers, meet professionals, and engage with the community. This year’s theme is WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION?

Our theme is about each individual finding out who they are so they can best pursue a career they are passionate about. 

Wednesday, October 20th is the 1st Annual JayTalks. 
Five passionate student leaders will share their inspirational stories and definitions.

Friday, October 22nd is the 18th annual Creighton Business Symposium. 
Students and business professionals learn and network outside of the classroom.


The 2021 Business Symposium Student Organizers Team includes:

  • Alyssa Huey - Coordinator
  • Dave Roberts - Coordinator
  • Jack Eckels - Sponsorship Committee
  • Erin Meyer - Sponsorship Committee
  • Brennan Horak - Sponsorship Committee
  • Luke Klahs - Sponsorship Committee
  • Jaliya Nagahawatte - Sponsorship Committee
  • Laura Kirsch - Marketing Committee
  • Erin Bowler - Marketing Committee
  • Rourke Jensen - Marketing Committee
  • Shaianne Sunagawa - Marketing Committee
  • Kaitlyn Rosenbaum - Marketing Committee
  • Lauren Schmitz - Logistics Committee
  • Anna Hermalink - Creative Committee
  • Amanda Rosa - Creative Committee
  • Israel Rodriguez - Creative Committee

Past Speakers have included: 

  • William Fox, BA’84, JD’87, Managing Director and Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance for Bank of America
  • Debra Moritz, BSBA’84,  U.S. Head of Business Consulting for Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
  • Dr. Peter Leddy, BA’85, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Life Technologies
  • Sheila Nix, BSBA’83, Chief of Staff to Dr. Jill Biden

Theme: Curiosity Inspires Confidence
Keynotes: Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Inc. 5000 firm Carson Group; Jane Miller, a thought leader in performance management, leadership and organizational identity; Judith Kohoskie Ricketts, Managing Director of Investor Services at TD Ameritrade.

Theme: Collaboration: Risk: The Foundation of Growth
Keynotes: Emily Belden BA’08, Author, Harlequin and Mark Beam BSBA’80, MBA & JD’83, Director of Innovation/Design in Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation

Theme: Collaboration: The Fast Track to Innovation
Keynotes: Healey Cypher, Co-Founder and CEO, OAK Labs Inc. and Hans Hartman, Former COO of Fitbit & Oculus, a Facebook Company

Theme: Matching Passion with Profit
Keynotes: Jayme Martin, VP and GM of Global Categories, Nike Inc. and Jeanne Sullivan, Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer of Sullivan Adventures

Theme:  Bridging Business with the World Around Us
Keynotes: Tom Copeman, Vice President, Business Development, Air Weapons Systems, Raytheon Missile Systems, Tom Weir, Vice President & Treasurer American Airlines Group, Inc

Theme: Inspiring Ethical Leadership for a Changing World
Keynotes: William Fox, ’84 and JD’87, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance, Bank of America
Debra Moritz, ’84, U.S. Head of Business Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Theme:  A Decade of Excellence
Keynotes: Nick Ghoussaini, Senior Operating Partner, Triton
Bruce Rasmussen, Director of Athletics, Creighton University

Keynotes: Peter Leddy, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Life Technologies,
Jenny Hansen, West Corp.

Theme:  Emerging Leaders.  Educating Change.
Keynotes: Steve Luczo, CEO, Seagate Technology
Shelia Nix, United States Executive Director,
Symposium hosts its first workshop, “Ready, Set, Pitch,” where students were able to market a product in front of a panel of judges.

Theme:  Learning with Passion, Leading with Excellence
Keynotes: Tony Audino, CEO, Conenza, Inc.
Mr. Donald Bisenius, Executive Vice President of the Single-Family Credit Guarantee (Freddie Mac)
Ms. Abby Bruning, Footwear Merchandiser at Nike
Special Agent Bob Herndon, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Mr. Mike Rock, Vice President of External Relations at Union Pacific

Events like the symposium open our minds to new career paths and opportunities that we would not have otherwise been exposed to at this point in our lives.
— Erin Coburn, BSBA'17 Marketing major

2021 Creighton Business Symposium Sponsors

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