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Business Symposium

The Nation's Largest Student-Run Business Conference

October 27, 2023

The Heider College of Business celebrates 20 years of the annual Creighton Business Symposium.

Since 2004, the symposium has brought together the Creighton community and global business executives to discuss issues in today’s dynamic business environment.

The conference features keynote addresses, panel discussions and breakout sessions with inspiring business leaders. Students have opportunities to meet professionals, engage with the community, and learn more about future internships and careers as a part of the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program.

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Friday, October 27 is the 20th annual Creighton Business Symposium. Students and business professionals learn and network outside of the classroom.

2023 Event Details

Annual JayTalks - Wednesday, October 25  

This year’s event will feature four passionate entrepreneurs from the Creighton community who will share the stories of their entrepreneurial journey’s. 

Creighton Business Symposium - Friday, October 27

College Schedule

  • 8:30-9 a.m. - Registration and Continental Breakfast: Foyer of Heider College of Business
  • 9-9:45 a.m. - Opening Welcome: Hixson-Lied Auditorium
  • 9-9:45 a.m. - Morning Keynote Speaker
    • Jonathan Badeen, co-founder of Tinder
  • 9:45-10 a.m. - Networking Session: Foyer of Heider College of Business
  • 10-10:45 a.m. - Breakout Session One: Rooms - UP/Union Pacific Room, 4068/4069, 4067
  • 10:45-11 a.m. - Networking Session: Foyer of Heider College of Business
  • 11-11:45 a.m. - Breakout Session Two: Rooms - UP/Union Pacific Room, 4068/4069, 4067, 2045, Hixson-Lied Auditorium
  • 11:45-12 p.m. - Networking Session: Foyer of Heider College of Business
  • 12-12:45 p.m. - Breakout Session Three: Rooms - UP/Union Pacific Room, 4068/4069, 4067, 2045, Hixson-Lied Auditorium
  • 1-2 p.m. - Luncheon Welcome and Blessing: Rooms - 4068/4069

High School Schedule

  • 10-10:45 a.m. - Opening Welcome: Hixson-Lied Auditorium
  • 10-10:45 a.m. - Morning Keynote Speaker
    • Jonathan Badeen, co-founder of Tinder
  • 10:45-11 a.m. - Networking Session: Foyer of Heider College of Business
  • 11-11:45 a.m. - Breakout Session One: Room - UP/Union Pacific Room
  • 11:45-12 p.m. - Networking Session: Foyer of Heider College of Business
  • 12-12:45 p.m. - Breakout Session Two: Rooms - UP/Union Pacific Room, 4068/4069, 4067, 2045, Hixson-Lied Auditorium
  • 1-2 p.m. - Luncheon Welcome and Blessing: Rooms - 4068/4069
Jonathan Badeen

Jonathan Badeen

Co-founder/former Chief Strategy Officer at Tinder

Jonathan Badeen is the Co-Founder and former Chief Strategy Officer for Tinder. He is responsible for the platform’s iconic #SwipeRight and programmed the original app. Jonathan graduated from Creighton in 2004 with a BSBA in Marketing. Prior to Tinder, Jonathan worked at Casting Networks, Chegg, Inc. & Hatch Labs where he further developed his expertise in programming, design, marketing, MacOS & iOS development. Jonathan currently advises and collaborates in creating innovative software and services that will be of great benefit to many. He is energized by how technology relates to and connects people.

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Breakout 1: Panel Topics

Management Consulting: An Insight to the Profession

  • In today’s fast-paced business world, organizations rely on management consultants to navigate complex challenges and optimize their operations. This panel will give an insight into the profession of management consulting and shed light on how consultants shape business strategies and foster growth across industries.

Investment Banking 101

  • Investment Banking is one of the most rewarding career paths to get into. It entails a fast-paced environment, some of the most driven young professionals, and the opportunity to make a difference for people and businesses. Hear more from the panelists and their experiences within the industry.

Unlocking AI’s Potential: Navigating the Future

  • "Unlocking AI's Potential: Navigating the Future" is a dynamic panel discussion that brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence. In this engaging conversation, panelists will delve into the current state of AI technology, its practical applications, and the ethical considerations surrounding its adoption. Join us for an insightful journey into the transformative power of AI and gain valuable insights on how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.


Breakout 2: Panel Topics

High School Panel

  • This panel is for our visiting high school students. It will consist of college students who have extensive experience in leadership and professional development. The high school students will be able to ask questions and benefit from the experiences of college students.

Advertising in Action

  • Join Karisa Malchow and her team from OBI Creative in an interactive advertising experience where students can witness the dynamic process of crafting compelling campaigns and gain valuable insights into the world of advertising. Her team is dedicated to the art of creativity and driving results and are so excited to share the insights on their creative process!

Building your Brand: The Key to Getting Hired

  • Building your Brand: The Key to Getting Hired will present students the keys to a successful hiring process from innovative and accomplished business professionals. The topics covered include networking, resumés, conversational interviewing, preparation, and how to stand out. The goal is to help elevate students that are applying and interviewing for both internships and full time jobs! Set yourself up ahead of the pack by learning from fantastic leaders who are invested in the next generation!

Innovate to Elevate

  • Innovate to Elevate assembles a diverse group of individuals characterized by their unwavering determination and adaptability in the face of evolving circumstances, showcasing their motivational perspectives and commitment to achieving success.

Discerning Your Path: Finance and Accounting

  • Accounting and Finance are often tied together - both in academics as well as in the real world. This panel will help you discern which path fits you better by displaying real world career opportunities. Our panelists will help demonstrate the differences and similarities between finance and accounting as it relates to the real world and the classroom.


Breakout 3: Panel Topics

The Business of Sports: An Ever-Evolving Industry

  • Just as sports constantly change and evolve, the business of sports changes and evolves along with it. Panelist from various sports across all levels will be together on one stage to discuss their career paths and the current affairs within the industry.

Personal Finance

  • The Personal Finance panel will feature a group of financial planning professionals who will guide students in making informed financial planning decisions for a secure future. Learn essential strategies and gain valuable insights to successfully navigate your financial journey.

Women in Business

  • Women in Business: An inspiring and informative panel where accomplished and influential women from various industries come together to share experiences, insight, and strategies to success. The discussion will explore challenges and triumphs of women in business, offering key takeaways on leadership.

Leading the Way

  • Leading the Way: Leadership's Impact on Shaping Company Culture will feature company culture professionals who will show how effective leadership and company culture are tied together in the workplace. Learn the foundational elements to fostering culture and growing leadership skills.

The Major Decision

  • The Major Decision panel will help students navigate the many majors that they have to choose from. The panelists will provide insight into what these majors may look like during their collegiate years, but also post-graduation.

Student organizers oversee fundraising upwards of $50,000 a year, obtaining corporate sponsorships and choosing the theme of the symposium. Students also help recruit panel participants and keynote speakers.

2023 Business Symposium team on stairwell

The 2023 Business Symposium Student Organizers Team includes:


  • Liz Sims   
  • Lainie Steven  

Sponsorship Committee 

  • Grant McCoy  
  • Tate Engleson  
  • Anna Nagus  

Marketing Committee 

  • Gaby Watton   
  • Teresa Payne  
  • Makenzie Solma  

Logistics Committee 

  • Cooper Bushey   
  • Abe Cardinal  
  • Katie McGuire  

Creative Committee 

  • Joe Ryan   
  • Matthew Tanner  

Outreach Committee 

  • Evelyn Frost  

Past Speakers have included: 

  • William Fox, BA’84, JD’87, Managing Director and Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance for Bank of America
  • Debra Moritz, BSBA’84,  U.S. Head of Business Consulting for Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
  • Dr. Peter Leddy, BA’85, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Life Technologies
  • Sheila Nix, BSBA’83, Chief of Staff to Dr. Jill Biden

Theme: Curiosity Inspires Confidence
Keynotes: Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Inc. 5000 firm Carson Group; Jane Miller, a thought leader in performance management, leadership and organizational identity; Judith Kohoskie Ricketts, Managing Director of Investor Services at TD Ameritrade.

Theme: Collaboration: Risk: The Foundation of Growth
Keynotes: Emily Belden BA’08, Author, Harlequin and Mark Beam BSBA’80, MBA & JD’83, Director of Innovation/Design in Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation

Theme: Collaboration: The Fast Track to Innovation
Keynotes: Healey Cypher, Co-Founder and CEO, OAK Labs Inc. and Hans Hartman, Former COO of Fitbit & Oculus, a Facebook Company

Theme: Matching Passion with Profit
Keynotes: Jayme Martin, VP and GM of Global Categories, Nike Inc. and Jeanne Sullivan, Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer of Sullivan Adventures

Theme:  Bridging Business with the World Around Us
Keynotes: Tom Copeman, Vice President, Business Development, Air Weapons Systems, Raytheon Missile Systems, Tom Weir, Vice President & Treasurer American Airlines Group, Inc

Theme: Inspiring Ethical Leadership for a Changing World
Keynotes: William Fox, ’84 and JD’87, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance, Bank of America
Debra Moritz, ’84, U.S. Head of Business Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Theme:  A Decade of Excellence
Keynotes: Nick Ghoussaini, Senior Operating Partner, Triton
Bruce Rasmussen, Director of Athletics, Creighton University

Keynotes: Peter Leddy, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Life Technologies,
Jenny Hansen, West Corp.

Theme:  Emerging Leaders.  Educating Change.
Keynotes: Steve Luczo, CEO, Seagate Technology
Shelia Nix, United States Executive Director,
Symposium hosts its first workshop, “Ready, Set, Pitch,” where students were able to market a product in front of a panel of judges.

Theme:  Learning with Passion, Leading with Excellence
Keynotes: Tony Audino, CEO, Conenza, Inc.
Mr. Donald Bisenius, Executive Vice President of the Single-Family Credit Guarantee (Freddie Mac)
Ms. Abby Bruning, Footwear Merchandiser at Nike
Special Agent Bob Herndon, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Mr. Mike Rock, Vice President of External Relations at Union Pacific

Contact / Social Media

Brieland Fripp, Advisor 


Join the Conversation

The beauty of the symposium isn’t just the networking or keynotes. It’s the facilitation of small moments that can shape the way we view our futures.
— Jaliya Nagahawatte, financial technology and business intelligence and analytics double major

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