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Race & Ethnicity

Racial and ethnic identities and relations vary by culture. While students are abroad, they may find that they are part of an ethnic majority or minority for the first time, or they may have to consider their identity in new ways. Depending on their study abroad location, students may be visiting a country where they have ethnic or racial roots, and must take the local norms and expectations into account in ways that their peers may not. Alternately, students may find that they are considered "American" first, and their ethnic or racial identity comes second. 

Questions for Reflection

  • How is my racial/ethnic group perceived in my host country? Am I part of a racial/ethnic majority or minority? 
  • Will there be other BIPOC students on my study abroad program?
  • How will I navigate interactions with locals in my host country who might make assumptions about me or make insensitive comments based on my race/ethnicity? 
  • What support networks are available to me if I experience discrimination abroad?