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Full Time Faculty:

Sherri Brown, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: New Testament

Dulcinea Boesenberg, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: New Testament

Dr. Gordon Brubacher
Resident Assistant Professor: Scripture

Eileen Burke-Sullivan, S.T.D.
Associate Professor & Chair, Barbara Reardon Heaney Chair in Pastoral Liturgical Theology

Susan A. Calef, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: New Testament

Jay Carney, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: Global Christianity

Leonard J. Greenspoon, Ph.D.
Professor & Klutznick Chair: Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Julia A. Fleming, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor: Ethics

H. Ashley Hall, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: Historical Theology

M. Dennis Hamm, S.J., Ph.D.
Professor & Graff Chair: New Testament

J. William Harmless, S.J., Ph.D.
Professor: Patristic and Historical Theology

Thomas M. Kelly, Ph.D.
Professor: Systematic Theology

Richard Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor: Systematic Theology

Joan Mueller, Ph.D.  
Professor: Systematic Theology and Christian Spirituality 

Jill B. O'Brien, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: Theological Ethics

John J. O'Keefe, Ph.D.
Professor & A.F. Jacobson Chair in Communications: Historical Theology, Environmental Theology 

Gail Risch, M.A.
Instructor: Ethics

Nicolae Roddy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor: Old Testament

Todd Salzman, Ph.D.
Professor: Ethics

Ronald Simkins, Ph.D.
Professor: Old Testament and Near Eastern Studies & Director of the Kripke Center

Wendy Wright, Ph.D.
Professor & Kenefick Chair: History of Spirituality, Spiritual Theology


Emeritus Faculty

Richard J. Hauser, S.J., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus: Assistant to the President for Mission and Associate Director of Graduate Programs in Christian Spirituality; Systematic and Spiritual Theology

Michael G. Lawler, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus: Systematic Theology

Bruce J. Malina, S.T.D. 
Professor Emeritus: New Testament and Early Christianity


Adjunct Faculty:

 Phillip Amidon, S.J., D.Phil.

Fr. Greg Carlson, S.J.
     St. John's 203

The Rev. Gary Eller, Ph.D.
     Humanities 5A

Martin Kalkowski
     Humanities 5A

Timothy Mueting
     Humanities 5A

Shannon Smith 
    Swanson G15

Mary Kuhlman, Ph.D.
Office Manager

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