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Leadership Master’s Degrees

Inspire and navigate positive change in your workplace and community

What does it mean to be a leader? It’s a commitment to make thoughtful decisions, handle adversity, understand and manage organizational challenges, collaborate with others and promote change—all for the greater good.

Whether your program is Negotiation and Conflict Resolution or Organizational Leadership, you’ll be immersed in a network of classmates and faculty with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and vantage points. You’ll enhance your leadership skills and prepare for success in your field.

Not sure you can fit an advanced degree into your packed schedule? Creighton’s master’s programs are designed with flexibility in mind—many programs are offered online.

Alumnus General Anthony Zinni describes what he was searching for in a master’s program on negotiation and conflict resolution in the video below.

Explore your options for a master’s degree in leadership

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Negotiation & Conflict Resolution (MS)

  • The Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program is grounded in the belief that dealing constructively with conflict is essential for professional, personal, and community growth. Our mission is to prepare agents of social change who engage and resolve conflict effectively, efficiently, and humanely.

Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

  • The mission of the interdisciplinary MSOL is to develop moral and ethical leaders who use their skills to promote social justice and societal and organizational change. This program is built on an experiential leadership model that develops creative and innovative professional skills that help students work toward a greater and more just tomorrow.

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