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Welcome to the Rural Track Program at Creighton University

This new program is a fully accredited three-year Internal Medicine Program based in Omaha, Nebraska and Kearney, Nebraska.

At the completion of training, residents are Board eligible by the ABIM and a pathway to fellowship training, academic medicine or practice opportunities.

Rural Track Program - Jennifer Meyfeldt, MD

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What is the Rural Track Program?

Several studies have demonstrated that rural communities are underserved by the medical community. Nebraska, as a state with a majority of rural communities, is no exception. Creighton University wishes to expand their role and responsibility in providing medical education to these rural communities by creating a Rural Track Program. Competence in rural medicine requires special training only found by hands on experience in a rural community.

Rural communities are challenged in attracting quality physicians to practice. The reasons are many. One common theme is that many physicians feel professionally isolated and many would have to relocate to an unfamiliar community with limited resources. Rural Track Programs have demonstrated the ability to attract and retain physicians to these rural communities. Studies have shown that physicians that train in these communities tend to stay and practice in those communities.

Kearney Map

Where is Kearney, Nebraska?

Kearney and surrounding communities is located in central south Nebraska approximately 180 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska. Kearney is home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the corporate headquarters of national retailer The Buckle.

Kearney is located along I-80 and is the hub of several farming communities. Land marks include The Arch which straddles I-80, a monument as a Gateway to the West.


I-80 Arch

Where is Kearney Nebraska?

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CHI Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan will serve as the primary location for the Rural Track.

“At CHI Health Good Samaritan in Kearney, Neb., our mission revolves around serving others. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do – every interaction, every innovation, every single day. We’re not just treating illnesses, we’re healing body, mind and spirit. Established by the Sisters of the St. Francis in 1924, Good Samaritan is a 268-bed regional referral center in Kearney, Nebraska. Our location in the region is the key: Travelers along a busy stretch of Interstate 80, as well as rural Nebraskans and Kansans are able to find nearly every level of care at Good Samaritan without traveling hundreds of more miles to larger metropolitan areas.

At Good Samaritan, you’ll find an advanced level trauma center that also offers AirCare emergency helicopter transport and an ambulance program providing long distance and local 911 service. Among our many other services are cardiac care including open-heart surgery, a level II neonatal intensive care unit, a nationally accredited cancer center, comprehensive neurosurgery, advanced orthopedic program, and inpatient and outpatient mental health services at our free-standing Richard Young Behavioral Health facility.”

- CHI Good Samaritan Hospital 


The Rural Care track at Creighton will graduate highly skilled and competent General Internists who will provide excellent care to our patients in the rural or urban setting.


  • New and innovative delivery systems to improve patient care and ease of practice
  • Provide state of the art care in a rural setting
  • Leadership QI and Scholarly training
  • Establish continuity clinic sites in the rural setting
  • An excellent continuity clinic experience
  • Train alongside Internists in the inpatient and outpatient settings in a rural practice
  • Cultivate the desire to live, work and raise families in rural areas of the country
  • Unique opportunity to practice procedural skills that are often deferred to subspecialty-trained physicians in the urban setting

Year 1

Site 1= Bergan Mercy, Omaha

Year 1123456
ROTATION NAMEEndocrineHospital Medicine ServicePalliative/GeriInfectious DiseaseHem/OncNight Float
% OUTPATIENT600020700
% RESEARCH10     
Year 1789101112
ROTATION NAMEWomen’s Health/ Primary CareNeuroElectiveHospital Medicine ServiceCardiologyElective
% OUTPATIENT1000 200 
% RESEARCH      


Year 2

Site 4= Good Samaritan, Kearney

Year 2123456
ROTATION NAMERheumPulm CritHospital Medicine ServiceGIHospital Medicine ServiceCardiology
% OUTPATIENT9002050050
% RESEARCH      
Year 2789101112
ROTATION NAMEPulm CritRenalElectiveHMS NocturnalElectiveOrtho/SM
% OUTPATIENT5050 0 100
% RESEARCH      


Year 3

Year 3123456
ROTATION NAMEED/Pre OpHospital Medicine ServiceElectivePulm CritPM&R/RheumHem/Onc
% OUTPATIENT200 5010070
% RESEARCH      
Year 3789101112
ROTATION NAMEHospital Medicine ServiceCardiologyHospital Medicine ServiceIndigentGIElective
% OUTPATIENT050010050 
% RESEARCH      

For all tracks:

  • Opportunity for research
  • Quality Improvement projects
  • Wednesday afternoon educational sessions
  • Ambulatory topics prior to each continuity clinic
  • Opportunity to join American College of Physicians (ACP) and/or Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM)

Bergan Mercy, Omaha

Bergan Mercy, Omaha
  • Months 1- 16
  • Mixed practice with GIM faculty
  • Participate as member of a General Medicine Practice


Good Samaritan, Kearney

Good Samaritan, Kearney
  • Months 17- 36
  • Mixed practice with GIM faculty
  • Participate as member of a General Medicine Practice


First Year Residents

Abdul Rahim Naimat

Naimat Abdul Rahim

Blank Profile

Narmada Luva

Karim Muhammad Sikandar

Muhammad Sikandar Karim

Patel Rutvijo

Rutvij Patel

Contact Us

Program Coordinator
Shaylin Agosta