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Internal Medicine Program Leadership

Department Chair - Michael H. Kim, MD, MMM, FACC, FAHA, FHRS

Michael H. Kim, MD, MMM, FACC, FAHA, FHRS
Professor and Chair
Department of Medicine
Creighton University School of Medicine

Chair’s message.

Program Director - Joe Nahas, MD 

Joe Nahas, MD – Program Director/Recruitment

“I am a graduate from Creighton University Medical School and Internal Medicine residency program. The training I received during my internal medicine residency challenged me intellectually and helped me develop into a caring, empathetic physician. After completing my rheumatology fellowship at the University of Colorado, I am excited to have returned to Creighton and join a group of dynamic, motivated physicians who truly care about our medicine residents. The culture at our program is what makes us unique. Our residents not only experience excellent clinical training and participate in numerous scholarly activities, but more importantly, become well rounded physicians who practice with compassion and service.” 

Associate Program Director - Bradley DeVrieze, MD

Bradley DeVrieze, MD – Evaluations – Milestone Development, Resident Feedback and Growth

“Our program consistently graduates compassionate internists who are equally capable of stepping into primary care, hospital medicine, or fellowship training. We are growth-minded and strive to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our patients, learners, and society. If you are curious about medicine and passionate about patient care, you should thrive in our program.”

Associate Program Director - David Gonzales, MD

David Gonzales, MD –  Chief of General Internal Medicine CU, Director of Primary Care Tract

“I’ve always thought that what you choose to do in life should make a difference in the world and be satisfying. What better way to practice medicine than to be a primary care internist who know their patients on a long-term basis, manage their chronic illnesses with cutting edge treatments and most importantly, work with patients to keep them well. If you too feel this way, the Primary Care Track is designed for you. Starting July 2021 our new Primary Care Track, for incoming interns and PGY2s, will help meet the growing need for compassionate general internists.”

Associate Program Director - Paul Millner, MD

Paul Millner, MD – Resident Recruitment and Point-of-Care Ultrasound Faculty Champion

“As a recent graduate of the internal medicine program at Creighton University, I have a great appreciation of the unique environment that the program provides. We are blessed to have a great teaching hospital filled with consistent excellent educational opportunities both in general medicine as well as the multiple specialties. In addition, the resident program is a very close-knit group which serves as a much-needed source of support during residency. This program serves residents well in multiple areas including training in general internal medicine, pursuit of fellowships, scholarly activity and leadership roles.”

Associate Program Director - Mohsin Mirza, MBBS

Mohsin Mirza, MBBS – Division Chief, Hospital Medicine, Site Medical Director, Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy, Faculty Lead for Education and Duty Hour Compliance

“The Creighton University Internal Medicine Residency Program provides excellent clinical training, research opportunities, and professional development. I am a graduate of this training program and served as Chief Resident. I was fortunate to join the Hospital Medicine Team as faculty. Creighton’s Internal Medicine Residency Program not only trains you to be an excellent physician, it also develops you into a strong leader.”

Core Faculty - Giri Andukuri, MD

Giri Andukuri, MD – Quality Improvement and Research/Scholarly Activity

“My passion is continuous quality improvement research and patient safety. I hope to have all students and residents think the QI way and be comfortable with using the methodology. I am also interested in healthcare analytics and predictive modeling of processes. I coordinate and mentor all QI projects for residents. I enjoy teaching residents and students on rounds and like to make them think “why?” in everything they do.”

Core Faculty - Jalal Mohamed Dufani, MBBCh

Jalal Mohamed Dufani, MBBCh

"As a newer addition to the Creighton community, I am constantly amazed by the work our physicians do in our unique and diverse setting. During my residency at Creighton, I realized my interest in medical education and passion for working with residents. Our program is constantly innovating and improving based on resident feedback. I am excited to share with you in person all the reasons I love this program and to help you achieve your own career goals."

Core Faculty - Kevin Embach, SJ, MD

Kevin Embach, SJ, MD – Resident Wellness and the Jesuit Tradition in Medicine

“Being a physician is a great privilege and responsibility. I experience much joy in the practice and teaching of medicine. I experience much consolation caring for patients and helping to train newer generations of physicians to deliver excellent care in kind and compassionate manner which respects the dignity of every human life.”

Core Faculty - Jaya S. Gupta, MD

Jaya S. Gupta, MD – VA Educational Experience Lead

“I am a graduate of the Creighton University School of Medicine and Creighton internal medicine residency program. As the Creighton site director for the VA, I act as a liaison for the program and am involved with curriculum and rotation development at the VA. While on rotation at the VA, residents work closely with interdisciplinary teams, have opportunities for simulation training, and gain clinical exposure to high yield internal medicine topics.

As a Jesuit university, Creighton promotes Cura Personalis - caring for the whole person. This is a concept that extends to our patients and trainees alike. I believe resident wellness is a significant strength of our program. During my own training, I was lucky to have phenomenal mentors. The most rewarding part of being faculty is paying that forward to our residents and students. Our faculty invest effort, time, and resources into training highly skilled and compassionate internists . I’m so proud when I see our graduates grow into physician leaders who live out Jesuit values learned at Creighton.”

Core Faculty – Alec Hildenbrand, MD

Alec Hildenbrand, MD 

“I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the Creighton Internal Medicine Residency. I believe in Cura Personalis and am honored to be a part of a program that promotes this idea both in education and patient care. I enjoy watching students and residents grow into independent clinicians that care for patients with respect and compassion. Learners thrive in this supportive environment with opportunities for growth in clinical skills, research, and leadership.”

Core Faculty - Jennifer Meyfeldt, MD

Jennifer Meyfeldt, MD - Resident Recruitment, Outpatient Internal Medicine, and Rural Track

“After completing my medical school in Mainz, Germany and Internal Medicine residency in Philadelphia, I was eager to practice outpatient Internal Medicine, while also maintaining a strong connection with Academic Medicine and Medical Education.

Joining the Creighton IM residency program as core faculty allows me to share my growing primary care experience with the residents I precept in their continuity clinic, as well as shaping their outpatient IM experience.

With the addition of the Rural Track I see a unique opportunity to train well-rounded Internal Medicine physicians that feel comfortable practicing in a resource-limited setting and are able to adapt to diverse clinical experiences in inpatient and outpatient medicine."

Jennifer Meyfeldt

Core Faculty – Joseph Thirumalareddy, MD

Joseph Thirumalareddy, MD 

“As an educator, I am fulfilling a life passion that is engrained within my core - having come from a family of educators. I am currently a member of an amazing faculty team while employed as an Academic Hospitalist at Creighton University Internal Medicine Residency Program.

I graduated from MacNeal Internal Medicine Residency Program at Chicago and since graduation worked as a Hospitalist. For those three years after graduation, I felt like something was amiss while practicing medicine. My life journey brought me to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska to rediscover my passion for teaching. I thoroughly enjoy one on one interaction with medical students and residents during hospital rounding. I am gratified seeing my students and residents graduate and become successful professionals under the guidance of Creighton faculty.

I am very passionate about teaching and I heartfuly thank Creighton Medicine Internal Medicine Residency program for giving me this opportunity.”

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Julie Nelson
Program Administrator

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Shaylin Agosta
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Julie Kramer
Student Coordinator

Rhonda Peavy

Rhonda Peavy
Senior Program Coordinator

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