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Entry-level PharmD Program – Distance Pathway 

Join the full-time Distance Pathway to earn your Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Our innovative distance learning pathway covers the same material as the traditional campus program but offers students the flexibility of completing coursework using distance education technology. In 2001, Creighton was the first distance program accredited, establishing a tradition of expertise in distance learning. 

Pathway Components

In the PharmD Distance Pathway, students interact with faculty and mentors via web conferencing software, discussion boards, email, telephone and other media.  

The didactic portion of the distance pathway is taught on a semester basis. Some elements of the distance pathway are synchronous (live). Students complete laboratory courses and other activities on the Omaha campus during two-week sessions in the summer. 

The clinical component of the distance pharmacy pathway is the same as the campus pharmacy pathway. A total of eight five-week clinical rotations are required, five of which are in required subject areas, with the remaining three in elective subject areas. These unpaid clinical rotations provide experience in actual pharmacy practice. Sites for clinical rotations are available in a variety of locations throughout the country and internationally. 

Discover Experiential Learning

Students can complete pharmacy practice learning activities within real-world pharmacy settings as part of the curriculum. Activities typically begin as an introduction to pharmacy practice during the first three years (IPPEs) and progress to higher levels of practice as students complete advanced experiences (APPEs) during the fourth year.

Interprofessional Education and Practice

At Creighton, you’ll work with other health sciences students to prepare you for a practice that reflects the real world. 

Partnerships with regional and national providers offer you experiential learning opportunities in a variety of professional settings, including community pharmacy, acute pharmaceutical care, in-patient hospital, outpatient clinic and drug information.  

In addition, over 30 elective/specialty clinical rotations let you pursue interests in such areas as pediatrics, psychiatry, oncology and more. You may also choose a clinical experience in the Dominican Republic. 

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Improving Patient Care Through Innovative Centers

Center for Medication Therapy Management  

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions was the first school to partner with AdhereHealth to establish a remote site for student pharmacists and first-year residents to provide medication therapy management services. At this center, students develop an array of skills, including comprehensive medication review, patient education, written and verbal communication skills and assessment and documentation of services and therapy.  

Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice  

The center offers a wide range of unbiased, timely information consultations to pharmacists nationwide. These consultations allow pharmacists to make informed decisions about dosing, drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, therapeutic reviews and recommendations. 

Making a Difference Through Service

At Creighton, we produce pharmacists who are ready to make an impact on their profession, on the lives of their patients and in the communities they serve.

Our pharmacy students often work with community partners to provide information about immunization and vaccinations to communities in need. 

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Collage of the church at the ILAC Center and a St. Ignatius statue

International Pharmacy Opportunities

Creighton pharmacy students can participate in opportunities to provide healthcare services to underserved communities. 

ILAC Summer Program – A faith-based service-learning trip with a team of dentists, physicians and nurses providing care in rural areas of the Dominican Republic. 

China Honors Immersion Program (CHIP) – An international collaboration between health science schools at Creighton and medical universities and hospitals in China.

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