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Leaders in Health Committed to Patient Care.

Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (SPAHP) is made up of 100 outstanding and dedicated faculty members. Inspired by Jesuit values, our faculty members bring a passion for service, research and patient care to their work. As a student, you’ll work side by side with our faculty as you develop and grow as an individual and practitioner.

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total faculty members

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1 to 12

faculty-to-student ratio

SPAHP’s Office of Faculty and Staff Development (OFSD) is dedicated to facilitating the career success and academic advancement and innovation of the faculty. We believes that faculty development is an important part of being engaged, active and vital faculty members. As such, the OFSD supports faculty in their ongoing pursuit for excellence in teaching, research, outreach, leadership, and professional and personal development by connecting all faculty to information and resources while providing knowledge and skills needed to grow, excel and succeed in all realms of faculty responsibility.

Creighton faculty’s concern with my success is what allowed me to finish my PharmD and secure a residency of my choosing
— Sebastian Biglione, BS, MLA, PharmD, PhD